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*The THREE MOST IMPORTANT steps to starting a new business.

***The three most important steps to starting a new business I get asked a lot by entrepreneurs who have an idea and they're trying to figure out how do I launch this thing how do I get customers how do I what are the steps that I need to take to get this thing off the ground a great one came in recently from one of our youtube viewers love you guys Celeste grow it into say I have an idea I want to create a magazine what are the steps I need to take them pursuing it here are the three steps okay these are the three most important steps you need to take when you're starting up.

+1. Passion

first identify your passion if you want to have success in business you have to be passionate about your business you have to love what you do every other rule in business does not apply will not help you will not save you will not let you build something successful unless you love your business okay so Celestia wants to start a magazine that better because me because she loves magazines or because she sees a change as she can make in the world have a positive impact that she needs to lead this charge if she started the magazine just because you can make money at magazines it's not going to work it's never going to take off you have to love it so much you're willing to push through every hurdle every barrier that gets thrown in your way because the same people the people who don't love it the logical people will quit because it gets too hard it's the crazy entrepreneurs who love their business so much would do it even if they weren't making money at it who keep pushing through and you have to push through so much crap to get to the place of success so do you love this business idea enough to persist with it to keep going with it to eventually turn it into something successful to deal with tons and tons of crap because it's going to be hard so that's number one

+2. Experience

**Number two if you're trying to now I've identified my passions those magazines okay or whatever the business is for you how do you go out and get this thing started if you have no experience in this business you're not going to get a lot of money you're not going to get a lot of new clients because you don't know what you're doing you want to make money as an entrepreneur you make money by providing value the more value provide the more money you're going to make if you don't have enough knowledge experience history to provide great value you're not going to make a lot of money you're going to make tons of rookie mistakes you're going to maybe take on debt try to build this thing out and it doesn't work and you end up going back and getting the job and paying off this debt for the rest of your life you got to get some experience so go work for a company go work for a small business who's in your field get to know the industry see if it's for you see if you still like this thing see if you like me in a magazine producer or not go work for a small magazine see how they do it see how they make customers see how they create content see how they distribute their product see how they market their business see how they run their company determine is it for you or not do you still love this thing or not meanwhile you're getting paid to make mistakes you're getting your education and you're getting paid to get an education and being an entrepreneur in the magazine business then when you're ready to start you keep your current job and you start on the side start getting one customer one customer if you're doing a magazine try to talk to an advertiser try to talk to content producers try doing something on the side to build it up meanwhile you're gaining experience from your job you're still seeing if you're passionate about this business or not and on the side you're starting this thing up try to get one person to pay you for what you do one person who's interested who will put dollars on the table and give it to you to start this thing and keep building it up to the point where you have enough money to quit your job because most entrepreneurs quit their jobs start up a company run out of cash you have to go back and get a job you don't let time for momentum to build so start part-time start on the side using your current job you're learning the industry you're getting connections and experience and you tap into those to create your first business and find your first customer and you build your business around your customer because what you thought your business is going to be it never is it always changes your great idea to start is never how it actually works out you have to talk to customers and react to the market and that will lead you to the path of success it's so critically important because most entrepreneurs get this wrong most entrepreneurs fail right 80% of companies fail that's going to be you likely right now you're watching these videos you're investing in yourself you are learning to be a better entrepreneur so that increases your chances but if you are just getting started and you don't know what business you want to start how to go about doing it follow those key steps 1 make sure you are passion make sure you are following something that you absolutely love doing to go get a job to learn about it learn from someone who's gone through it and can help be a mentor for you and then.

3. First Customer
**start your business on the side get your first customer and prove that what you have will work and expand from there those are your starting steps that's your homework if you have questions write to me I'm happy to walk you through even more detailed if you need it but that's how you start a successful business belief fuels your watching if you liked the video please give it a thumbs up below it always works you want to do more and I'd love to hear what you have to think please leave a comment below seeing those comments coming in fuel me to make more videos to answer your questions I love them come in thank you so much and I'll see you soon