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*MacBook Pro 2018 release date Use Core i9 CPU, 32GB RAM, SSD to 4TB with skype price.

***Silently, Apple has finally launched its 2018 MacBook Pro, and this outing may shock Apple fan base, because it differs from 2016 and 2017, many of which Cam Bopha will further explain in this article. Generally, MacBook Pro users rarely upgrade or cast MacBooks, because Apple yearns for a few years to revamp and remodel their laptops, but this year, many of your money will probably fly out of your bank or bank, as Apple plays hard on the hardware for the board.

-The MacBook Pro 2013 series will be no different from the previous year, with two major series: the MacBook Pro 13 and the MacBook Pro 15, which are available in 13.3-inch (2569 x 1600) and 15.4-inch (2880 x 1800) screen shades, but the hardware is much more advanced, smarter, and more secure.

-True Tone screen
Finally, Apple has taken the True Tone screen, the technology that is available on its iPhone and iPad, into its MacBook Pro market for the first time. This screen is extremely supportive for users in all areas, as it will adjust color to match the actual situation, allowing users' eyes to be able to easily access the screen while in real time using the sensor. The screen is still a retina, but it's sharper and sharper than ever, even if the Touch Bar keyboard on the keyboard also has the same True Tone functionality.

-New Generation Keyboard
Apple has made a number of mistakes on its MacBooks over the past three years, since the new 12-inch MacBook Air released in 2015, so Apple has launched the first and second Butterfly Switch Free Edition software to customers over the last two weeks. Keyboard for the MacBook Pro 2018 is a new 3rd generation Butterfly Switch keyboard that debugs all the issues that Apple has been criticizing its customers, maintaining its style, height, and position, especially quieter and easier to beat.

-T2 New Chip
On an older MacBook Pro with a fingerprint scanner, Apple uses T1 chip, but for MacBook Pro 2018, Apple uses T2 as the first chip on the iMac Pro, and it also comes to the newer version. T2 chip is not only faster, it also focuses on the security of the machine by looking at the Touch ID, Apple Pay functionality, and other functions, as well as encrypting the data in your machine and making your file unavailable.

-Moreover, this T2 chip also plays a key role in some of the smart features that make it easy for all MacBook Pro 2018 owners, in which we can call Siri without touching the machine.
Giant force
Yes, this year, laptops come with 8th generation CPUs, and the MacBook Pro, which uses Intel chips (Coffee Lake Lake Cafe), has three options: Core i5, Core i7, and Core i9 for the machine.

MacBook Pro 13 2018
• Use Core i5 or Core i7 CPUs
• 16GB RAM is LPDDR3 (regretful)
• SSD starts from 256GB up to 2000GB (by default)
• Intel Iris Plus 640/655 Graphics
• Available in two colors: Silver and Gray
Battery life: 10 hours
• Run by macOS High Sierra Prepare to macOS Mojave

MacBook Pro 15 2018

• Core i7 or Core i9 CPUs
• 16GB / 32GB RAM is DDR4
• SSD starts from 256GB up to 4000GB (in silver)
• Intel UHD Graphics 630 Graphics
• AMD Radeon Pro 555X 4GB / Radeon Pro 560X 4GB graphic
• Available in two colors: Silver and Gray
• 10 hours battery life
• Run by macOS High Sierra Prepare to macOS Mojave

-The price of the sail
Apple gives consumers the right to choose their exacted power force, with the MacBook Pro 13 with 2 options and no Touch Bar starting at $ 1,799, while the MacBook Pro 15 has all the Touch Bar starting at $ 2399 and up to $ 6699 for the machine.
Release date
The MacBook Pro 13 and 15 series will start selling today at the Apple Store and will soon be coming to Cambodia.
I know there will be few people who will start paying for the 2018 MacBook with money or real demand in line with daily tasks, so that in the international market, they are easy to make money, and the work that MacBook Pro can do for them is quick, affordable, and easy to use. Found on other laptops. However, for using the MacBook from the 2015 series specs buried meaning from the Core i7 CPU and an NVIDIA discrete GPU or AMD, you should use the money for other good, although Apple said the MacBook Pro 13 Series 2018 is faster than the series of 2017 to 50% and 15 models, more than 70%, but the comparison is on the top models of each model, so your friends Weaknesses can work phoy_.

However, for those who are not yet in the Mac market, and are planning to buy a MacBook to work or study, it is faster, smarter, safer, and better-looking, but more expensive than $ 300-500 compared to comparable machine specifications. The MacBook Pro 2018 was the first Apple computer to use the 8th generation CPU with six core cores, with TrueTone technology, accompanied by a T2 chip and a 3rd-generation Butterfly Switch keyboard that sounded louder, but it was too expensive for a Core i9 chip with 32GB of RAM, AMD Radeon Pro 560X RAM, and a 4TB 4TB valued at $ 6,999.