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*Five Symptoms You Should Not Recognize*

*Most of the pain is not a sign of something serious about our health but there are some symptoms we should not overlook and have to hurry to see a doctor as soon as possible. Below we will tell you about the five symptoms that tell about physical health: health and beauty

-1. Feeling weak If you feel numb or tired, your legs are lost, your body is irregular, you feel dizzy, have speech problems and abnormal thinking, it may be a sign that you are at risk of stroke. So, hurry to a specialist doctor to diagnose whether or not this is true. The disease will be treated with no recurrence if treatment is timely.

-2. Feel chest pain An angina, combined with other symptoms, such as sweating, feeling anxiety, chest, breathing, and dizziness, are all signs of a heart attack. These symptoms are most common during high activity, such as exercising or playing sports. Other than that, it can also indicate another cause of blood clots in the vein or artery. So if you have any of the symptoms described above, you should see a doctor.

-3. Feeling painful This can be a severe vein thromboembolism symptom on your feet. We may feel numb or sore when sitting for a long time, or even after playing sports. Sometimes stand up or walk after sitting for hours and suddenly symptoms like fever, hot spots, redness, and swelling are larger than the other leg is also a sign of blood clots in the arteries. However, there is an easy way to find out if there is a blood clot, just by plucking a toe on the pain if it is a sign that it is possible. But more importantly, appointments for doctors to diagnose.

-4. The urine has blood It may involve some problems if the urination comes with blood, such as: Bloody urinary tract infection and pain in the back of your back can be symptoms of gallstones. But if you urinate with blood and urine more often and feel more intense on the way to drain urine, it could be a sign of urinary tract infections or bladder, all of which are caused by most bacteria. What is more frightening is that when the urine is drawn with blood, there is no pain. This is a symptom of pancreatic cancer or bladder cancer. Therefore, meeting your doctor on time will be easy and will not cause any other complications.

-5. Breathe in silence If you have a respiratory problem, such as difficulty breathing or getting tight sounds, you should immediately seek medical attention. Because these can all be symptoms of asthma, pneumonia, acute bronchitis, or possibly chemical exposure.